Four Easy Steps To Buy CSGO Prime Accounts!

Buying CSGO Prime Accounts comes with a lot of benefits and can be done in just four steps.

Step One: Selecting Your Account Type

You have the option to choose between two types of CSGO Prime Accounts, Standard or Premium. Both provide similar features, but there are some differences as well.

The only difference between them is that standard accounts come with 60 more inventory slots which you may find useful depending on your style of play.

If you’re looking for an account that’s high-performance and has unlimited drop pods, it might not make much difference what type of account you go with since they offer these aspects. But otherwise, if it’s not something you need, then it’s better to go with the standard account.

Step Two: Selecting Your Account Accessories

If this is your first time buying a CSGO prime account, you’ll have the opportunity to select how many weapon skins and cases for keys that will be included on your purchase.

They come in different quantities, so make sure to choose what best suits you!

Step Three: Buying Your CSGO Prime Account

Once you have all your selections made, it will take some time for your order to go through, ensuring that there is enough in your account when using the payment option before proceeding with checkout!

When you Buy CSGO Prime Accounts, ensure to use only “Normal” or “Flexible” Payment Methods such as Credit Card/PayPal/Steam Wallet funds (non-trade). Trade offers are not applicable.

You will also need to provide information about where and how you want them sent out as well, but after getting past this point, just sit back and wait for the delivery man.

Step Four: Delivery

Once the order has been processed, you will be able to see that the seller is processing your order, and when it reaches a status of “Complete,” then you have successfully purchased your CSGO prime account!

You should also receive an email with some further instructions on how to activate your CSGO prime account.